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Honey & Champagne

Miel et champagne


For the end of the year, and all related celebrations, Famille Mary has created a brand new recipe for its premium range. Bringing out the best of honey and Champagne,  Famille Mary is offering a unique tasting experience. Discover the alliance of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier subtly mixed with the precious acacia’s nectar.  All Champagne’s tasty notes are sublimated with originality.

It can be ideally served with foie gras or to give an original touch to your dessert. 

Tasting HARRODS London 

Proud of its new partnership with HARRODS, Famille Mary has attended the “AMEX tasting event” in August. The wine cellar of the famous British department store has been transformed to welcome this luxury food tasting.

Served with traditional French “crêpes” with bread or pure, Famille Mary’s finest honeys were introduced to loyal customers close to high quality wine, caviar or olive oil. It was a great party evening for gourmet guests.

You can now find Famille Mary premium honeys are now available in Harrods honey department shelves of Harrods !

Tasting Harrods          Tasting Harrods          Tasting Harrods

Press Release

Press Release